We have a range of handcrafted Chopping Boards and Coasters from a range of recycled timbers.

A set of six end grain, hardwood coasters. Made from recycled Tasmanian Oak and Jarrah. A seventh coaster forms the base. Finished in Tung Oil.

End Grain Chopping are considered superior to long grain boards but are much more difficult to make. They are more hard wearing than long grain and less likely to blunt knives. All of our boards are finished in food grade mineral oil and beeswax. A chopping board wax is available to maintain the board.

This board is made from 'Sally Wattle', an acacia found on the North Coast of NSW and the timber closely resembles Tasmanian Blackwood. It is held loosely in a dovetailed, Jarrah frame allowing for both sides of the board to be used.

This is a long grain or edge grain board made from recycled Tasmanian Oak and Jarrah salvaged from an old farmhouse in the mid North of South Australia. The two timbers, although contrasting in colour, have similar properties and are suitable for gluing together. The feet are made from Jarrah in a sliding dovetail to allow for timber movement.

End Grain board in Tasmanian Oak and Jarrah with loose Douglas Fir (Oregon) frame. Small checker board design finished in food grade mineral oil and beeswax.

Serving tray in recycled Tasmanian Oak. This tray has two dovetail splines on each corner. The base is loose panel to allow for movement of the timber and is finished with linseed oil and beeswax.


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