Woolshed Cabinets is a small business based at Hoyleton in the mid North of South Australia. The business has been going in some form for 30 years, originally operating from Bellingen in Northern New South Wales. The South Australian business started as a joint venture of cabinetmaking and herb nursery. The drought and increasing water prices led to the demise of the nursery and woodworking became the main focus. The business has been running mostly as a part-time operation but is now being given a new lease of life through the magic of the Internet. People who know much more about these things than I do have organised a website, Facebook page and Instagram account. I have no idea how any of this works or why anyone would “like” it but if it puts me in touch with customers and means that I only have to spend a limited amount of time standing around at open air markets then it can only be a good thing.

Despite the hardships of standing around at markets, I do enjoy discussing woodworking projects and ideas with the people I meet. I pride myself on a certain amount of creativity and usually find a way of turning other people’s ideas into a practical, if challenging, project. Failing this I may be able to talk you into buying something of my choice.

Follow the link to our Facebook page to find out upcoming markets we will be attending. Alternatively, use the e-mail facility or telephone to discuss your woodworking needs.



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